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"Drivin' Miss Subie": A '91 4WD Loyale Wagon DD Thread

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Hello all, I am new here (to Subarus, this forum, and the like) and I'd like to share this saga of "Drivin' Miss Subie" which comes to you in the form of a 1991 Loyale Wagon.

She's a 5-speed, 4WD, with ~250k miles on her, and she runs, albeit poorly.

Interior is fairly decent considering her age, and the body is ~85% solid.

Yes, it was a bargain buy ($300).

PO got rear-ended, so it was salvage titled, which means I can't use the rear hatch.

Her main downfall: She stalls at idle.

I'm trying to figure out the problem, and then I will go from there.

I was actually shocked that it came with power windows and A/C.

Here she is currently in my driveway as we speak:








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