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Guaging interest...88 RX

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Ok....ive lost my current job, and if it wasent bad enough being broke...its being negative broke!


So....if ive got enough interest, I'll post it in the market place as for sale...if for sure theres enough interest...


1988 RX 3 door coupe. White. Has some surface rust in some areas, nothing that couldnt be solved with sandpaper, elbow grease, and some paint.


Brakes suck. I have new pads, and fluid waiting to go on/in. That will solve the issue!

Its currently Rear Wheel drive...does MASSIVE burnouts. No problem to brake them loose...and they are 205/60 13 tires.

It will come with 60% tread or better BF Goodrich Comp TA tires on factory steelies and RX hub caps. Interior is in good condition...AC works, but the vent/heat controls need some work. Comes with boost guage, and mech temp guage that doesnt work anymore. Prolly a simple fix.

Will come with stock intake and exhaust, new muffler, new air filter. Runs like a top, only a very slight HVLA noise. Runs on Mobil 1 10w-30 synth. right now. Did i mention that the AC works?

Trans works great, D/R is awesome, and the Diff lock is flawless. LSD is STRONG.

Oil leaks? Where? I cant find any!

Hatch has some rust...rear wiper is non existant, 3rd brake light and rear defrost does not work. The owner before Pleiades brutally slashed the wires on the gas strut units. I do have a complete and fully functional rear hatch in better condition avalible.

Suspension is very solid. Handles great on the BFGs.


$1200. Negotiable depending upon how you would like it delivered to you. RWD, AWD, new hatch/old hatch...etc....


Any interest?

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