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my new to me 91 chevy tracker

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I just picked up a 91 geo/chevy/suzuki tracker.Its a 2dr hardtop with 4wd and a manual transmission. It.It has the stock 205/70/15 tires on 3/4 wheels, while the RF tire is a 215/70/15.I have some 10-15% tread 31x10.5x15 that I will throw on it just to get all of the tires roughly the same size..


My goal for this little tracker is more of an "expedition" vehicle than all out offroader. For the mean time I will use it as a light and nimble vehicle to explore some local trails. Eventual plan is a 2" suspension lift,some decent tires and some stronger bumpers.


However, my two tone tan and brown dodge dakota has spoiled me with its +10 stat bonus for stealth.Ive gotten away with some amazing stuff in the truck because it looks like something an old guy might drive and its quiet.It just doesnt look special in any way.


My question is how can I make the tracker still be reasonably effective offroad,without drawing unnecessary attention to it?


I'll post some pics when its light.

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Here is the pics of the little critter as it got it.





Its been offroaded a bit but it was never beat on too hard because it was a daily driver..Now to clean it up and see what I got.

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Lol, congrats on the addition! It looks like it's in nice shape. I've always thought those things make excellent off-road rigs; light, short, nimble. I don't think the alternative vehicle forum here gets too much traffic.

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