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Seeking EA81 and EJ22 engine build recipe...

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This my first post on the forums. I am looking at doing the Subaru swap into a bug and I am shooting for a power output in the region of 120-150hp using a carbureted induction. Is there a proven combination of parts that can be used to obtain that? What are some speed shops and performance part suppliers in the US and Canada that supply performance parts for these motors? Thanks!

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For a carbed ej:


early 90s ej22/ej18


Custom intake machined for a carb (I think sjr does it, possibly others)


82 escort distributor, with some minor grinding and mods.


There have been ea81s that high of hp, but they're in planes, with superchargers and fully custom cast heads, intakes, ect. (ram engines had a 200hp ea81)


There's also a few people here that'll strip down an ej harness to run in anything with just about 3 wires, powers and a ground. Going price is $250 ish. Then you get full FI reliability and ease of diagnosis, but then you need a donor car for the full harness.



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