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Purchase a 95 legacy for my son for 300 bucks.   Was told the clutch is gone.   I cannot engage the gears (with the engine running), but can with the engine shutoff.   Did make some funky sounds when I was messing with it...so not sure if it was partially in gear.


We plan to pull the engine and replace the clutch and lots of other seals, etc.   Is there any way you guys could think of to test the transmission to make sure it is ok?   I really don't want to bolt the engine back up to find out that the gearbox is rubbish.


My thoughts:


1) Changing the gearbox oil.   This is good PM anyway but would be a good way to look for any signs of metal/evil in the oil.


2)  Place car on jackstands once engine is removed...place in gear and rotate tires.   Make sure input shaft is turning and no evil sounds are occuring.


3) Prayer


Let me know if you have any other ideas / or if my ideas are not sound.


Thanks in advance.



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Most likely a broken release fork. Lack of lubrication causes the fork to crack at the pivot.


Check the input shaft for play in the push/pull direction. Most common issue with that trans is the mainshaft bearing wear out and let's the input shaft walk. Eventually it pops out of 4th gear, then 5th, then 3rd. If bad enough it can knock the center hub out of the clutch disc.

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Its just lubricated with lithium grease but the grease dries up after a while and there isn't any easy way to re-grease it.


The only way to do it once the engine and trans are mated together is shoot some lithium spray grease down a bendy straw pointed at the back of the fork where the pivot is, but you have to remove the cable and pull the dust boot up to get in there.


Get a new fork from Subaru. They're only about $35 last I checked, but be sure to also get the clips that go on it.

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