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I have a 5spd OBS.


Planning to attend the WCSS6 show and I would like to also bring my BRAT.

BRAT is suppose to weight 2500.oo depending on who you ask. Do you think it's a good idea to intermittently tow the BRAT. Not sure the BRAT can make the 15 hour drive.


Thoughts and comments?



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First thing that comes to my mind is that the brat and the OBS are roughly the same length (wheelbase) and I was told once that towing things that are similar in size is really scarry at times.


Powerwise and whatnot you have enough snort in my opinion but the hills would bog you waaaaayyyyy down. If the OBS has a hitch and the brat has a towbar go try it out.....



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towing is easy, it's those panic stops that are difficult (voice of

experience). I no longer tow with a light weight vehicle.

Very true. My dad and younger bro once towed a lifted CJ7 w/an Xterra. Dad went around a turn and hit the rumble strip. Over corrected and the cars started to ocillate. From the front it looked like the Xterra was swaying left and right. For the rear (where my mom was freaking out and shouting into the CB) the CJ was drifitng about 1/2 a lane left and right.


I was thinking of driving the BRAT on the hills. I dont want to stress the engine too much going up and the brakes going down.


Found a tow bar for under $150 and I need to get a class two hitch to make it work.

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