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I have a 1999 Legacy GT with the 2.5L EJ25D (dohc, phase 1) and I want to swap the heads. Now I know that I'll need new 2.2L heads with dual port so I don't need to change my exhaust, and I've read that you need a new timing belt. (Donor car will likely be 1995 Legacy 2.2L) Now here are the issues:

- Do I need to use the 2.2 head cam sprockets or can I use the ones from the 2.5?

- Besides the previous question, do I need anything else other than the 2.2 belt for the timing system?

- The bolt pattern for the 2.5 manifold I have has bolts in a straight line, however the 2.2 heads I've seen (1995 and older) have diagonal bolts.

- Can I use the 2.5l head bolts? I have a new set which I will use. 14mm 12 point.

- Is the bolt pattern the same? My current one has 6 bolts, 3 on top behind the top cam, and 3 down low behind the bottom cam.

- If the donor engine (2.2L) didn't have HG issues should I still get the heads planed by a machine shop?

- Should I get new valves seats/guides/valves/springs or is that overdoing it?

Pics are here (2.5l head, block and manifold): http://imgur.com/a/ExhsZ

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HI and Welcome,

1. Use the sprockets that match the head....they may work but I'm not sure.

2. You'll have to compress the tensioner - hopefully you have the FSM (factory service manual) for instructions - do it wrong and it'll ruin it.

3. SOHC Intake Manifold must be used - NOT interchangeable between SOHC and DOHC.

4. No...use head bolts that match head...I 'think' they're too short for the SOHC.

5. Yes...ALL EJ-series share the same pattern.

6.  Yes....all heads should be resurfaced B4 reinstall (@ least IMHO).

7. Depends....if the 2.2. is over 150K, probably. But wouldn't bother otherwise.....(I'm a hypocrite...my '96 EJ22 w/128K has a bad valve guide...so....yeah.)


8+. The 2.2 / EJ22 only had EGR on the AUTOMATIC-equipped engines. All EJ25's do/did. You CAN make it work w/the non-EGR port heads w/out drill/tapping.- Search for my post on it.

9+. Read up on what HG to use....it'll need to be a 2.5 bore, but there may be better versions for you....FRANKLY.


BTW, Your '99 EJ25D is actually a 'hybrid' year, as it has the Phase 2 block w/the Phase 1 DOHC heads




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I have a set of the HG you need to do this conversion.

$20 less then costs.  I got them, the box is still closed. 


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