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Where to find a Premolded Carpet for EA82 Wagon?

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So the interior of my GL that I'm restoring smells like a old wet gym sock, IT'S GREAT! But all great things must end and I would like to find a fresh carpet.

Thing is, my usually go to places either come up with universal carpet kits or nothing at all and worse yet, tell me my car doesn't exist. So I know someone at some point here must of sourced one before.

Has anyone been able to find a pre-molded carpet for a EA82 wagon before?


Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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[media][/media]Yeah the guys that make them out here actually mould them to a section of actual floorpan from the different cars at least the ones I know do, I suppose they use some form of heat  getting things just hot enough to soften the glue type backing without burning the carpet to get the shape,No doubt plenty of practice required doing that one.


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I've also had really good success with washing carpets in the driveway. I use a full scoop of laundry detergent and another scoop of oxy cleaner in a bucket with about 2-3 gal. of hot water. I liberally apply the soapy water to a brush and lightly scrub the carpet till the water is gone. I'll usually let it sit for 30mins or so and then hose off the carpet from one end to the other. Let it air dry in the sun and your ready for re installation. I've saved 2 carpets this way and a buddy of mine has saved several more using this method also.


If it doesn't have holes, try washing it.



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