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2001 Subaru Legacy L 2.5L Crankshaft Pulley Issue

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Hi Everyone,


Thanks first of all to everyone since I have read numerous threads to get as far as I am with my crankshaft pulley repair.  The pulley had a significant wobble and the fan belt kept working its way off the PS pulley even though it was tight when I initially installed, reinstalled, now it just throws it off right away.  So I have two questions now before I go further.


1. Woodruff key: It doesn't appear damaged, can I leave in place or if no how to remove?  I have not taken out radiator or fan as of yet, trying to avoid.  


2. It seems that the wobble has create a massive amount of metal shavings everywhere.  It has also eaten through my cover and lots of shaving in there.  I am able to do a timing belt repair but cannot do for a few weeks.  Would I get away with installing the new pulley and replace cover when do timing belt?  The cheapest crank pulley I can source is $170 new from Napa or $100 used from salvage.  If I am redoing the timing belt I will put in the extra and buy new pulley, just hate to spend the money and wreck the new part.  I am unsure why the wobble, should I be digging deeper or is this just a pulley fail?


Appreciate any input or opinions ~ thanks!

















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Looks like the pulley has separated where the rubber is located. Get a new pulley and timing cover, check for any other damage to any of the timing components and reassemble. Make sure the crank pulley bolt is also torqued down tight as they can come loose and cause damage to the woodruff key and keyway.

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Yeah, that's not the usual pulley wobble caused by a loose crank bolt that trashes the keyway, crank snout and timing sprocket. That's just a failed harmonic dampener. Put a new one one, torque the crank bolt properly so you don't end up with the usual loose crank bolt damage, and go on your way. I would take off the timing belt covers and wipe any metal shavings off of the cam and crank sensors though. I've seen missfire codes from too much metal packed up on them, they are magnetic so it sticks to the tip of the sensor. I wouldn't try removing the sensors because they are often rusted into their holes and break to pieces if you try to take them out, just clean them in place.

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Well I have found out why the pulley had carved a large circle in my center timing belt cover and was actually shaving down the pulleys and bolts in my timing belt area...someone before me put the wrong pulley on!  It goes back 1/2" further towards my timing belt cover.  Was able to get a new pulley but will need a new center cover now and will need to clear out a lot of debris from the timing belt area.  If I am that far into things and I have no history of last timing belt change, I am thinking that I should order a timing belt kit with water pump.  Unfortunate when people do messy work.  Thanks again for all of your comments!       

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those pulleys don't even need the wooddruff key installed at all.  so don't worry about that, yours looks fine but there's no need to worry about it at all. 

just make absolutely sure it's properly tigthened (and then some) when reinstalling.


i've run without timing belt covers many times for years, i have two vehicles now without timing covers that have been driven that way for years, not a big deal.  not recommending it, but certainly nothign to sweat about.

i'd be more concerned about the pulleys and tensioner - they're probably original and have a higher percentage failure rate than engines with a small piece of timing cover missing.

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