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Hello, Folks this is my first post on this group. I am having issues with my 02 forester which is a really low idle around 500rpm and will not go up beyond that even when you give it throttle. It seems like when you step on it gets a little rougher and it almost stalls. I recently redid head gaskets and had my friend time the engine for me who is a tech. The diagnostics I have done so far is swapping the coil pack which the original coil pack reads a resistance of 0 when you test pin 1 and 2 also 2 and 4. Also we checked on the throttle position percentage via a smartphone OBD app and it seems to be reading and also cleaned the IACV and swapped it with a good one. All these things seem to not change the idle or engine speed at all. Lastly we had it have a CEL only one time with a p1510 and P1516 but this only happened once and the car was sitting for only a month. Next items I am going to check is the fuel pressure and the injectors. Is there anyone that had this issue before or can help me pinpoint the issue? Also on a second note we swapped out the motor from an Automatic car and this is a manual car. 

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Update tested fuel pressure it reads 40+ psi and I changed the MAP sensor but still nothing different

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