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Passenger door on my 1995 Legacy L wagon will not lock/unlock with the power locks.    If you move the lock manually it works fine.


Did a google search and it seems like it may be the actuator.    Any easy fixes, or just replace?


Any threads out there that show how to?


Thanks much.



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Actuator is probably dead. Usualy they make a funny noise like finding gears, but the motor inside it could have died.

I've replaced one on my 95, same one actually, but it was two yeas ago. I don't remember it being particularly difficult. Take the door panel off, fiddle wih the little clips to pull the lock rods off of it and it unbolts/unscrews from some kind of bracket. Guarantee it was easier than the one I did in a Tauus last week.

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There are videos for opening up lock actuators and fixing/replacing the tiny motor inside on YouTube. Its not hard to do, if you like a challenge and working on tiny parts. I've done several myself. You can even buy the motors for a few dollars on eBay and save big bucks on buying a new actuator from the dealer.

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