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Post-accident starting problems on my 88 DL

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I literally just registered here, so, hello. I spent some time lurking, trying to find information but it didn't work out so well. 

Anyway, I drove into a guy's tow hitch at about 10 mph yesterday and the car shut off... and won't start now. There was minor damage to the front end, everything got pushed in on the drivers side a couple inches, the radiator was broken, and the bumper sits crooked now, but the hood still latches and the fan and everything behind it is fine.. everything should be good once I install the new radiator either later today or tomorrow. But still, the problem remains.. I can not start the car. It will turn over, the starter has no problems.. I have spark and everything.. I don't think it's getting fuel. 

I have read different things about whether the 1988 DL's have an inertial cutoff switch, been told to check around the back of the car, etc. I spent hours looking yesterday and couldn't find a damn thing. SO I have come here, to seek help from people who know these cars. Does my car have one? Not sure if it matters but it's FWD and 5 speed.  Or maybe it's something else? The fuel lines in the engine bay are all in tact.. I haven't removed one to check if there is fuel in it yet because I have just assumed it's not getting fuel and don't want to do the work.. The fuses are all fine, too. I'd like to have my car back running ASAP since it's my daily driver. 
Any help is appreciated guys!  

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You may know this, but I have to ask, because it could help other newbies reading this thread someday, how did you check the fuses?  Visual inspection is not reliable.

I actually don't have a multimeter or anything to measure with, so i think i might have to do that.. haha 


Check your horn fuse. If it is blown the ecu isn't getting power. I had a similar thing happen that pushed back the front bumper and pinched the horn wire on my '90 which caused the fuse to blow and it is the same one that powers the ecu. 

i will definitely check into this! man, i feel like such a noob. but then again, I am. so it's alright

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