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Hi all - new to the forum as well as Subarus.

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Hey everybody! As of next week I will be leasing my first ever Subaru (my first-ever new car, actually). I have been driving around an 06' Chevy HHR for the last almost 3 years and in that timespan it has cost me an ungodly amount of money for repairs... I'm going to miss that car but am beyond looking forward to driving a 2016 Impreza hatchback soon enough. I'm so over driving domestic cars. So many issues. 


My roommate and her entire family have owned Subarus for years and years now, and I'm ready to catch the bug! I also am excited to see how my Impreza handles the tough, slushy, nasty winters here in Pittsburgh. Even though I'll be leasing, I get the feeling already that I will continue to own or drive Subarus for a while... you guys and gals are all so passionate. 




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If you get stuck in the snow in a Subaru, it's because the car doesn't have enough power to push the 2 feet of snow out of the way. lol. On a serious note, I go out driving in the storms because I like driving in snow, and my 96 Impreza is a champ in the snow, you won't get stuck unless you have crappy tires. 


Hope you like the car! I'd kill to have a brand new Subaru!  :)

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