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1990 loyale wagon, can't get the hood to open

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Was going to check the oil on my Loyale, went to pull the hood release lever from inside the car, and encountered no resistance when I pulled it. Guessing that the cable had broken, I kept pulling...and pulled out the lever handle with about 5-6 feet of cable on the end of it. The other end is frayed and I'm guessing it broke of pretty close to the hood latch. This is not good, especially since my Loyale leaks oil and I usually add about a 1/3 to 1/2 a quart a month. Am trying to get it to open, and have managed to pull the latch hook away from the metal bar that the hood latches onto. However even when I do this the hood doesn't pop up or release. Furthermore the spring loaded handle that I usually reach in through the grill to press (once I have pulled the hood release lever from in the car) in order to fully unlatch and open the hood is not making an appearance when I manage to pull the latch hook. Coming to the point, my hood won't open, what can I do? I called a local independent Subaru place who gave me a qoute of $110 (parts and labor) to replace the cable. Is this about right?

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When this happend to me I had to remove the front grill. Then you can barely slip your fingers between the AC condensor and the latch. Feel where the cable goes into the latch and find where it actually hooks to the latch. That is where you wanna PULL HARD. Might help to push down on the hood while you pull; that can relieve some of the pressure.


As for a new one that's kinda steep for a hood release cable. Especially when a set of hood pins is $10 and about 20 minutes to install :) May seem funny to have hood pins on your Subaru but they arent just for hotrods. My wife's '91 Buick has a defective hood latch. After replacing it 2 times I just put on hood pins.


I think a hood release cable is something you coud honestly do yourself. Toughest part I would think is routing it back upto the hood latch. Give it a go; worse case you gotta have someone finish it?


Good luck!

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