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We bought a Monster! 1999 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer

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i know some of you guys know Fords pretty well. This beast was brought home (long story) for $400. in need of a long list. But the interior was dirty but otherwise good. The motor is the big 5.4 Liter Triton V8 and the more robust transmission (I forget which trans code right now) and only 163k on it which isn't bad. And AWD/4WD Feels like a giant Subaru when I first step on the gas. Pulls about the same.


I do a bit of towing from time to time and putting lots of wear and tear on my outback I'm sure. Last one was a tow dolly and a 1999 Outback behind my 2000 with a 5 speed.


I know this beast wont bat an eye towing a car. or boat. or utility trailer. Plus 3rd row seat so it can take 8 people.


So far here's the run down.


Replaced the battery and alternator with good used. Battery 1 year old. Alternator was a motorcraft only 2 years old.

Ordered the Monroe Coil springs and shocks conversion and ripped out the dying air ride suspension.

CLEANED AND CLEANED. it's looking pretty good now.

Oil change.

Just smogged it yesterday. Numbers lower than my wife's 2011 Outback with 66k. New registration.

Got a brush guard off Craigslist for $80. Found mounting brackets for it and some tail light guards in Pick N Pull


Still needs.

I want to replace fluids in trans and rear end.

Probably has a small radiator leak so new radiator.

Drivers window wont move. Checked motor, switch, fuses, and a clicking relay and all are good. Can't figure that one.

Custom basket rack

Going to delete the running boards for a little more clearance.

Maybe 33s or 35s. Right now they are about 31 and good shape but still just a little small.

Has an extra vibration at low RPMs going up hills mostly. Could be anything from gear oil, to low grade misfire to torque converter.




My boy refers to it as "Shuy-Sha" which in toddler means "Big Truck"

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... My boy refers to it as "Shuy-Sha" which in toddler means "Big Truck"


Congratulations on your new "Shuy-ShaThumbup.jpg


The vibration on low speeds might be due to unbalanced wheels as well.


Keep us Updated, Kind Regards.

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$80 well spent. These things have too much of a soccer mom/grocery getter look stock.



Interior had a bunch of Velcro tabs that I removed with the aid of a heat gun. Still some residue on the dash and steering wheel to clean up. Going to delete the 6 disc since it has a Sony dash unit in it now.




Threw a set of Harbor Freight fog lights on. Eventually want 4 more up top.




You can see how stuffed that rear tire is. Air suspension had collapsed. They must have been smooth when they were new, but I didn't want to mess with it.




The Monroe kit arrived. My arms got quite the workout. Subaru spoils me with all the 12mm and 14mm bolts. These were 18mm and 21mm mostly.




Don't have the "after" pics yet, but it sits a bit higher now, and the ride is smooth again. Great kit. Already put 500 miles on it including a 100 miles towing. I'm a fan. It's fun driving a big vehicle sometimes.

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