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Hey Everyone! I'm BACK!!!!  :-)

I have an interesting problem. I've searched this and other forums, and haven't found anything quite like the problem I have. The car is a used 2005 Forester S.

Here is the issue. 

The original remote - I assume it's the original remote - does not lock or unlock the doors. However, the alarm does arm, and if I open the door, the alarm will sound. The lights flash the way they are supposed to. 

The lock button on the drivers side door functions fine. It locks and unlocks the doors. If I use the key on the drivers side door though, it will only lock or unlock that door, and will not affect the other door or rear hatch.

Anyone have any advice on this one???


PS. Murphy, the 87 $500 Turbo Wagon, has a new home. He's with ferp420. Ferp is giving Murph the needed time and money investment that I could no longer give. I'm making more money now, but the first year teaching job leaves me absolutely no time to wrench on anything.

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The keyless module was indeed on the passenger side.


WOOT!!!!! Problem Solved!!!!

The problem I was having was..... The instructions to program the FOBS were not quite accurate. They got two steps swapped. They say that after the program mode has been activated, you press the FOB button to program, you will hear two honks from the horn, then you open and close the drivers side door.

Nope.... You push the FOB button, open and close the drivers side door, THEN you'll hear the horn honk!

All three of my FOBs now lock and unlock my doors

And I did rip the useless Valet alarm out of the car. That was annoying!

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