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Clicking sound under body, ignition on...?

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1986 GL 1.8L 2 Door Hatchback - EA21


Car starts fine.


When I turn the ignition switch to the 'Acc' position (Maybe 'on' it's dark out.) I'm hearing a steady clicking sound. I don't notice it when the engine is running, but the sound of the engine could mask it. I traced it for a bit and it seems to be coming from just behind center towards the rear of the vehicle, centered somewhere near the drive-line or so.


Just curious as to what this could be, I'm assuming it's not supposed to be there, as the engine isn't even running (not to mention it's a clicking sound). I'm not even sure of anything electrical in that area. Are there relays under the rear seats somewhere?


Thanks for any help, prior.

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I don't know much about transmissions, had no idea they contained solenoids... I do know that it's def. not automatic, if that makes a difference. I'd say about 50 hz sounds about right.


Also, this morning I was able to verify that the sound is def. happening while the engine is running...


Fuel pump is inside the tank, I presume...?


Thanks all.

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