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Ea81 bolt on alternator upgrade

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Alternator blew out last night, happened to find another super easy alternator upgrade.


This alternator does not require a pulley swap unlike the altima alternator



Mine came off of a 1994 pathfinder v6. But I'm fairly certain that any alternator from a Nissan vehicle equipped with a naturally aspirated VG30 (3 liter V6) will fit. Only modification needed is to grind the inside (sides facing each other) of the mounting "ears" on the side with 2 mounts. There's a bolt sleeve type thing that you'll want to grind flat. Then get a small washer and put that in between the bracket and the alt when you bolt it on. Not 100% sure if the non pivot side mount fits onto our Stock bracket, but it appears it's almost the exact same size. (my brat didn't come with that bracket, I use a bolt coming straight up out of the engine to push up the alternator).


Wiring should be the same as the altima mod

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Nice share :D Also been told Nissan Patrol from late 80's will also fit, just need to retain the Patrol wire plug to connect to Subie wiring.


Pull your old alternator down to see if it is just brushes. Found worn brushes A$4 for a pair, $11 for new bearings 6203 front, 6201 rear yet to refit and test but pretty easy

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