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Hi all, I am a new member, older mechanic but new to Subarus.  Wife has a 2013 Crosstrek and I just bought two Foresters--a 1989 with 168K miles I plan to use as a daily driver, and a 2001 Forester the same color (white) as a parts car, although it runs but has a leaky head gasket.


I plan to replace timing parts and water pump, valve cover gasket kit, front seal, thermostat, and fix the faulty VSS over the next week or so, and swap the back hatch, hood, and one cracked tail light as well, and also replace left front CV shaft (torn boot) and may fabricate a dual exhaust system.  Being new to these engines, I have been watching youtube videos and will have many questions I'm sure.


As an old wrench, I hope I can help others find and fix their problems too.

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