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brat idle issue

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its been a very long time since I've really worked on a Subaru so I'm hoping someone could assist me with the old school brat. the issue is , it will crank up fine when cold, then it'll warm up & raise the idle, then you hit the accelerator and kick the choke off and it idles good, for awhile!  after it's warmed up it sometimes will idle and sometimes it wont? It's strange !! I have it set to idle at 1000 or so rpms sometimes it'll idle for awhile then it starts to choke down to idle at like 600 rpms and then it dies....I thought it was the idle stop solenoid, so I took out the needle inside, to no avail, it still would idle erratic or not at all. I know it's getting plenty of fuel, I've changed both filters and also tested fuel pump and getting plenty of volume to carburetor. SO can someone please advise what the issue may be ?? I'm kinda at a lose now?? anything else i can test or check for ?.. Oh yea.. don't  think its a vacuum leak, I've sprayed brake cleaner and cant really tell a difference in the rpms 

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