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FEELER: EA Turbo Silicone Intake Hoses

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Attention all turbocharged EA owners!  This thread is to gauge the interest in an aftermarket replacement for your MAF-to-turbo hose.


As you probably have experienced owning an older Subaru, many critical parts are no longer available (NLA), including the inlet hose on our EA81T and EA82T engines.  This particular rubber hose happens to be out of production and is installed in a location that sees a lot of heat.  I found the pipe on my personal vehicle had split where it joins the turbocharger's inlet and once I found out I couldn't order a replacement, I reached out to a few companies about building a replacement.


The details:

  • Replacement hose made from silicone
  • Molded to match the contours of the OEM part
  • Nylon reinforced for rigidity
  • Lined with fluorosilicone to resist damage from PCV oil mist
  • Resists degradation in temperatures up to ~500*F (EPDM rubber is good to ~210*F)
  • CARB legal

There is also an opportunity to have replacements made for all the other molded rubber PCV/vacuum hoses that are currently out of production.


At this point I have a rough idea of what it will take to manufacture this part.  Price will depend on how many parts are made, so this thread is for me to get an idea of how many folks here would be interested in one of these hoses.


There are still a lot of variables to work out, but I'm open to comments and suggestions.  So, who's interested?

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Nothing has come of it yet, but it is nice to see a bit more interest in this as time goes by.


I need to reestablish contact with the manufacturer and take several measurements on the parts I do have on hand.


For those folks who are interested in EA82T hoses, I would need similar measurements, or to borrow an example part.

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