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Fuel Pump~no, Something else, but what?

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Ok, so this is a follow on to the "fuel pimp or something else" post started a few weeks ago. After putting in a new fuel pump, there has been no change. My 86 Brat turns over (when jumped) but will not run.

I have taken a lot of the advice given so far, and its much appreciated. Also just installed a new ignition coil. In checking for spark from the new coil, there still is none. Another symptom worth mentioning, it blows the IGN fuse at every attempted start up.

So here is a description of the items highlighted/circled in the photo.

Please let me know if anything looks amiss.

Red circle: IGN coil hot side, 2 wires/one red end wire from the center disty connection, one from a harness bundle under the IGN coil;

Yellow circle: IGN coil ground side, 3 wires/one yellow end wire from center disty connection, one from harness bundle (also" yellow ended) under the IGN coil, and one from "transistor" thing (circled green) mounted under IGN coil.

Black circle, and blue circle are "homeless" connectors, nothing to tie them to.


Any advice is much appreciated!~post-48032-0-11313200-1460836722_thumb.jpg




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Is the ignition pick up module in the distributor still good? Its what tells the fuel pump to come on and provides the signal to the coil to fire. If it went bad and internally shorted it will blow the fuse. It seems like the common denominator between the two issues.

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