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Carlisle PA Spring Import show May 20-22, anyone going?

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I used to attend this regularly.


I know this club seemed to have a love/hate relationship with it.


I never went as part of a club.


Used to be an enjoyable day.  The swap area and kit cars were where I'd spend my time.

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yeah that ship has sailed for me.  I tried....and I tried.....and I tried and all it ever did was become more difficult.  People say they would buy "club spots" but didn't, others would park in our "club spot" with their non Subaru's and that usually ended with a shouting match or nearly a fist fight a few times...and the Carlisle folks would do nothing to help the situation.  Our cars weren't good enough for their standards.  They would throw out our people and accuse them of shenanigans but they didn't do what they said they did while other clubs would raise hell and not get kicked out.  The final straw was when someone from another club did something in front of security and they did nothing.  I called them out (security) and I nearly got myself thrown out.  


"F" that place....pitty since I am less than an hour from there.

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