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'01 outback 2.5AT, VDC offroad/ overlanding build

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Some 20 min maybe. Most that time for diging after i lifted car with hi lift. Its funny how easy is to do that with this jack vs other options would be so much problems. I didint even get dirty. That foldable shovel is amazing was so fast digging that sand.

As for jack i didint had any extra pad you would think you need for soft sand ,just stock one and it was not sinking a lot, just some and then car just went up. I was there alone in middle of forest, what could go wrong.. Hey look its some hole you wont pass it , maybe you should get out first and check, naaah it will be fine ..bamm ... Lol


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Bumper cut now all fits with bumper on and works very well.


Trying to make some reciever adapter for shackle. Will redo it if needed whe. I get shackles.


Im glad all worked out simple way not i can very simple and fast lift car and high. Rear maybe not so high as bumper is allready high there but its enough to lift wheel in air and its still some 3 steps left on hi lift.

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another VDC in sand test . was going on 1st gear fixed , its kinda goes better then just on D. maybe locks something better or smt. 

at one point i tried VDC off and as seen in video car just digs itself down wont move anywhere. and even from that whole it goes out with VDC on. 


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