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'04 Outback VDC, wrecked-to-overland build

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Meh, when I bother to do a lift, it'll be a 2" SJR. Which is not free, nor are the larger tires that would be required to make the lift worth it (I do have 5 matching wheels specifically for that stage).

I have been aggressively researching overload springs, as we had probably 4-500 lbs of gear in the car and I probably could have slid the roof rack a foot or so further forward, but we were on the bump stops in the rear at every bump. I wish I could find reliable information with the factory spring rates....


I did beat up the front bumper a bit when I had it at the ORV park last summer, but it's only plastic, I just let it bend. Living where I do, we get a fair bit of snow, and they salt the roads to deal with that, these things mean quite a bit of corrosive road spray in the winter. If I do cut the bumper, I want to make new inner fender liners to keep the road spray from getting where I don't want it. This isn't a huge job, but just enough to keep it off the top of the priority list. At this rate, I'll be doing this stuff to the next chassis (we've put about 60k miles on this car since I got it).

I also have a trailer hitch in the back that sort of acts like a rock slider to keep the rear bumper protected against the big stuff.


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2" lift on that car is just 2" spacers there. No matter SJR or space metal you put there it will be same result.

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