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First post: Subaru Impreza Ltd. 2012 wagon Front Brake pad - graduated inner pad?

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Hi all - this is my first post. There are a few things that I have questions about - regarding my wife's 2012 Impreza Wagon Ltd. 


This first posting is regarding the front brake pads/rotors and my replacement of both yesterday. 


I purchased aftermarket rotors and ceramic pads ($120.00) total to replace my wife's front pads and rotors. She has 50,000 miles and though the brakes have lasted well, there has been a shimmy upon braking from the front end that has bothered me - and has been evident for the past 20,000 miles or so. I have had them inspected and they have always gotten a green light. 


I have known that the pads needed to be replaced soon - so yesterday I went about replacing the whole lot - just to be sure my rotors weren't warped, I replaced the pads and rotors. 


To my surprise, the inner pad had a graduated wear pattern on it. I have attached photos here as well to better illustrate this strange design. I am by no means an expert in braking systems of cars - though I have replaced my share of pads and rotors (my other car is a Mini Cooper S 2007) - front and rear. My experience has always been that the pads are flat on the rotor surface - interior and exterior. 


When I removed the pads on the Subaru, I found that the outer pad was as expected - but the inner pad had a 'graduated' shape to it - with a center that was raised above the outer surfaces - and this of course made the wear on the inner surface of the rotor gauged as well in relief. So, if the rotors were in good condition still (IF), new pads would not be able to be installed regardless - because of the new surface shape of the inner part of the rotor. 


I hope I'm making sense here, but wondered what the purpose of this design is on the part of Subaru - if anyone has any insight into this. 






Next research on this forum and possible new post (depending on if I can find more information about it) will be regarding a start issue - when the engine is warm - car does not restart. And THIS issue occurs on our 2012 Impreza and my sister's 96 Outback.





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Welcome to the USMB, Lorne.  Please post your technical questions in the Newer Generation forum--that's where you'll get help.


And you might also try the Search function (top right on this page.)  There's been a lot of discussion of the brake and warm-start problems over the years.


Good luck.

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unless i'm seeing it wrong, that's not normal.  are you saying both sides of the vehicle (passengers and drivers side) and the new rotors/pads were all like this?


usually it's the caliper slides sticking and causing the pads to not seat consistently.  i wouldn't expect that on such a low mileage 2012 though...

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