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What all do I need for a 3" list on my 2001 Subaru Forester?

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Hi all,


I have a question. I am going back and forth on what I need to do a decent lift, low expense and not wear out other parts ridiculously fast.


I have front and rear 3" strut spacers coming and wondered if there was more that I needed suspension wise. If so what size trailing arm spacers do I need for the rears.


Regarding the front spacer lifts which are 3" as well, what do I need so things remain in alignment for the front?


Thank you all for your help and guidance.


Mookie :headbang::confused:

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Don't do it. I regret lifting my 2008 Imprexa Outback Sport (the one the couldn't decide on a name for..I have heard they just made them up to use part they had for other models..) What good are bigger tires?? I cannot safely drive on the local highway, which is really winding and dangerous on a good day since there are no sway bars. I wouldn't care IF it had helped with the clearance. It didn't. I STILL bottom out every time I try to go up my driveway. i needed clearance!!!! Now, I have no sway bars, no windshield washer reservoir, or fog lights. And, now I want to get rid of it and lifting it has lowered it's value.

 I will never buy another Subaru. (For many reasons...) I used to love them.. back in the 80's. I've had 2WD cars that were just as good/bad at dealing with my driveway. With far better mileage.

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