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Emergency parts kit ideas for a long roadtrip in a GL

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I have a GL that I'm wanting to get prepared for long road trips and I have a Yakima box for the roof that I want to fill with some common parts that may go bad during a long trip away from civilization that I would be able to fix on the side of the road. I've acquired a mostly good parts car that I'm planning on salvaging parts from so I won't have to worry too much about cost. As my GL hasn't given me many problems in the short time I've had it, I'm not too familiar with what to worry about going bad, so my question is this:


What do you guys consider some essential parts to have spares of that would also fit in a roof box and replaced on the side of the road?


While I'm at it, anybody got need for parts off of a 91 Loyale push button 4wd? Trans is still good and most of the interior and body is in good shape.

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Spare distributor, cap, rotor, black fusible link wire, engine ground wire, alternator, condenser at coil, coil, spark plug wires, spark plugs, tire repair kit, 1 gal. of engine coolant, thermo sensor at extra radiator, water pump, full size tire spare, extra oil filter, extra and timing light.

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you guys pack heavy...


i bring v-belts, timing belts and timing pullies, a distributor, coil/w bracket, fuel injector, fuel pump, 6ft of fuel line, 3ft vacuum line, 6ft of 12ga wire, a roll of silicone hose repair tape, zip ties (12" and 36", trust me on the 36's, they are gold) and a tube of ultra grey silicone, small roll of metal oxide 40grit sandpaper (also a must, can be used for cleaning electrical contacts and cable ends), a cheap voltmeter, a handful of 20A fuses and fusible links. all this fits in a small tool sack that i keep under my sleeper panel. . 


if you're lifted, a spare front + rear axle, roll pins, and a high lift jack to reach high enough to lift the car. 


id bring an alternator, but the maxima alternator seems pretty reliable compared to the ea alts, and i have a dual battery setup, so i could drive quite a while with no charging. (2x 35Ah/600cca)

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You shouldn't forget another motor, engine hoist, 4 spare tires, etc... But seriously, you dont need very much. Here's what I always keep on hand. This all fits in my BRAT under the hood and seats.


- Small tool kit (8mm-18mm wrenches, a few common sockets and wrench, flat and philips screwdriver. needle nose pliers, vice grips, cheap multimeter and test         light, Steel Stick (or JB Weld), zip ties. sharp knife, FLASH LIGHT.


- Spare belt, spark plug (1), Spark Plug Wire (1 long one), Disty Rotor, Ignition Module (if you have a spare), some sort of fuel pump, a couple assorted fuses. All of this stuff is pretty small.


- Gallon of gas, Quart of oil, Gallon of water


- Rope (strong enough to pull your car)


- Spare tire (full size) and jack, tire iron.


- One last thing... AAA!!! Saved my rump roast more than a few times. Get the premium membership when they tow up to 200 miles. Well worth the price.


Have fun!

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Personally, I wouldn't be carrying most of the spares listed above. Just change those parts now if you're going to be away, that's a pretty good list of what wears out. But not at the last minute, you want to bed them in & make sure they're reliable before you get too far away.

Check out any oil leaks on the engine for seals that are about to go.


Then I'd just be doing tools, V belts, timing belts, oil, coolant.


How far from civilisation are you going?

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