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prudence jones

Looking for good info on 87 gl 1.8

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I'm an absolute newb when it comes to subies. I needed a cheap car, picked a GL wagon up for $150, a month and a half and another $500 in parts (distributor, the infamous timing belt + water pump) and labor it is running, albeit with a few kinks. 


Any insight into good sites and threads to read to help start sussing out the little problems- like the too-rich carb, rough idle, the jerry-rigged fuel pump, and especially what to look out for are need and much appreciated. Especially any online manuals and schematics.


I had no idea these cars were so beloved, but I am starting to see why now. 200,000 miles, sitting non op for over a year and now the new parts are in, it starts instantly and runs strong. I am excited to get it together before the snows so that I have an excuse to use the 4WD (although I have now lost my 'snow day' get out of jail free card... :) )


Anyways,Thanks for your time and assistance.

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You are in the best possible place for advice on these 80s cars. All the old school subie lovers congregate here.


First of all, Welcome!


Secondly, yes, write a description of what quirks and issues you're looking to resolve. Discussion on here will yield lots of insight. You'll learn quick if you talk to folks on here and try your hand on the car.


A Haynes Subaru 1600 & 1800 manual will cover your car from top to bottom and is a great resource for beginners. Can be bought on Ebay or Amazon for about $15-$20.


These are great cars. Very dependable. Make sure to keep oil and coolant topped off and it should take good care of you.


The other great thing about them is they are simple and easy to work on. A rust free 1980s subaru is the perfect car to learn on.

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Look through the threads for common problems. 

Ask abut stuff you think may be wrong with your car.


One of the most important things to take care of is the cooling system.  All 7 hoses, no leaking, coolant level always full, no air in the upper hose.  Radiator has all of it's tiny fins still attached to the tubes.

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