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Parasitic Drain...How to fine?

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Not sure what, but something is draining my battery. 


Background- Battery died. Very low voltage. No Charging. Decided to get new alt. Swapped in a 90amp maxima alt with this style (no connector plug.) 



Photo from this thead.  http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/topic/97208-bolt-in-ea-series-alternator-upgrade-nissan-maxima-alt-installation-guide/page-6?hl=%20conditioning%20%20ea82


During connection of two plug wires. I touched them, with battery connected.. Followed with a puff of smoke from the fusible link box.  :dead:   

Went in, replaced with inline fuses.  


Battery tested bad. Got a new battery. 


Battery is still dropping voltage. 


Believe I have traced Parasitic draw to hazard, clock, fuze, as a current is present across that fuse.  

Pulled out clock found burned out connection. Clipped out clock entirely. They never keep time anyway. 


Still, theres a draw on battery.  


With hazards on only rear blinkers come on. Is that normal? Could there be a short somewhere causing drain?


Could use some ideas. Im stumped.  :huh:




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multimeter between battery post and terminal to measure milliamps of current draw.  you'll have over 100 milliamps. 


keep pulling fuses until the draw drops significantly.


then disconnect everything on that fuse. 


one hard part about this is that lots of components have an initial power draw when being plugged/turned on/connected to power.  so if you disconnect the negative terminal fromt he battery then put your multimeter in place it'll show a huge draw from all the computers coming online.  need to connect the multimeter before disconnecting the cable from the battery so the circuit isn't broken during testing. 

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