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Selling an 84 GL

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Hello friends,


I am selling my 84 GL regrettably because I leave to go work in China in a few weeks and I just finished swapping out the transmission (certified 6 month used) and now while visiting family in Louisiana my front driver side tire came off while driving and thank goodness it only sheered off the ball joint sticking down and welded the two spots together. Should be an easy fix but I'm busy getting international move stuff organized. The engine has 136k miles and runs great. 

Body has some rust and the rocker panels got it the worst. Where there isn't rust the paint is in great shape. Interior is awesome. 

I'm selling it for $800 OBO. It is currently in Franklinton, Louisiana with my father. 

My email is jordanstring@gmail.com and my phone number (until I leave) is 504-858-2052 call or text is fine. 


I don't want to sell it to just some dude who doesn't know how awesome GL's are and how rare a car is with that low of miles. I want to see my baby go to good hands! I know this is the best place for that. Thank you all for being great people. Helped me out a lot in my Subaru journey. 




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Hopefully the '84 is on higher ground.  Louisiana is getting big rain and floods.   Good luck with sale. 

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