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EA82 Idle Adjustment

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Hey gang,
So my '89 DL wagon has recently begun idling very low.
It's a new issue, which as far as I can tell began after taking her for a bit of muddy time.
However, unfortunately, I cannot be certain about that, as I only noticed the low idle a few days after.

I don't know how many RPM she's idling at as there's no tacho, but it's low enough to be rather rough, and also the engine has cut out several times during driving. You know, pulling up to the lights, put the clutch in, engine goes back to idle, oh no! idles down too low, stalls. Bye bye power steering, bye bye assisted brakes. It's a little concerning for me, particularly as one of the first times she carked it like this was going around a roundabout!

Anyway, I think I need the to find the Idle adjuster screw. I've had quite the trawl to see if I can find a resource that'll help me positively identify it, but no such luck so far.
I'm posting here as this morning I found out that the screw I'd been playing with thinking it was the idle adjust was, in fact, the throttle stop screw. Oops!

Can someone please post some pictures, to help me find this little guy?

'89 DL, Hitachi carb, Australian edition!

Thanks in advance team! :)

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