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Swapping doors wiring GL to DL... easy or hard?

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I am looking at picking up an 88 DL wagon, but since it doesnt have power windows and locks, I am wondering if I could put the doors from by 89 GL parts car on the DL. Is the chasis wiring there for the power locks and windows. If so, all I'd have to do is hook up the connectors. If the wiring is not there, I would have to run wire to all the doors for the window motors and power locks. That sounds like a lot of work. Let me know if you know if the DLs have wiring for the windows and locks. It'll save me two hours of driving to do look at the DL i am considering. (Since it only has 91K miles, it might be worth the effort).





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I don't know specifically, but I'm guessing that it's not simply a matter of hooking up the connectors. The power windows have a lot of chassis wiring -- there's a controller under the driver's seat, and wires from there to all the doors. I can't imagine they'd put the wiring/controller in a DL if it has manual windows.


But it can still be done, you just have to fish out all the wires.....


-- Mark

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