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Toyota locking differentials in Subaru BRAT


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I have been running a Jeep and I upgraded to a BRAT and have been looking at putting a locking diff from an 80s Toyota, but I can not find information on the cv axle splines or the transmission output or any information about the drive shaft so I am not sure if i can drop it in or if i am going to need custom parts and such

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Welcome, and congrats on the Brat.



But you've got some searching to do. People have been offroading '70s and '80s Subarus as long as they've existed, and talking about it, at least to some extent, as long as the internet has existed, and a diff lock is one of the hottest subjects of that conversation. 


Toyotas and Subarus (of that vintage) have basically nothing in common, other than their country of origin. Subarus and Nissans share a lot of parts.

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