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77 Subaru DL keep alive

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Hi Folks,


In trying to restore and continue using the old car, my Deluxe DL has in it a GF or Brat dash for a second generation 1977-79 with round speedo & a tach.  The Tach died.  Does anyone want to sell one?


Could really dig on obtaining a rear window louver for the 75-79 sedans rear window that looks like a Celica's of the same era.


Thanks for checking





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I have two 78 brat instrument clusters and non of them have tachs. They just have a square speedometer, a fuel gauge, and a temp gauge.I know that doesn't really help you but if you want them you can have them for the cost of shipping.


Other than that,you have a VERY nice and clean original car.

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OK  Uberoo & Bantum. Thanks for the replies.  I guess it wasn't the Brat but maybe the Hardtop GF's that I was after. I do have the original square odometer set up but it was switched before I got it. I will get into it for a possible loose wire.  I kind of like a Tach.


I appreciate the feedback. 

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