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Electric radiator fan relays and wiring

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I did a search on this order but did not quite find what I need. My 89 XT6 runs rather warm due to a less than perfect radiator. The other day I seem to have noticed the the larger of the 2 fans on the radiator does not come on. Thermoswitch (and fan relay?) seems to take care of the LH (smaller) of the 2 fans. I don't have a wiring dia for the XT6, just a std Haynes manual which only depics 81-83 models. I beleive the second fan is switched on IF the thermoswitch has closed AND perhaps an air conditioner relay is closed. My air cond has never worked, but I'm sure I have seen the second fan run. (Probably in the defrost or A/C settings?)


Well, I could use a scan or such that shows the wiring of these fans and if someone could direct me to the relay(s), that would save much time. Thanks

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Well, Saturday, both fans were running. Both with key on run and one in the accy position. Tonight neither ran. Even though engine was hot and gauge was near the red. Could someone scan the wiring page(s) that cover the radiator fans and controls from their Sube factory service manual for me? (89 XT6 variety)

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