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These forums have illuminated for me the importance of using OEM CV boots. Though, I am having difficulty finding these boots (and necessary clips and grease) for purchase.


I'm looking for specific recommendations, and other tips you all think would assist in this search. For example, some listings on eBay are for just boots without the necessary clips and grease.



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Just buy the boots, don't worry about getting a kit. I don't think I was able to readily find OEM XT6 boots either, I think I could get one side but not the other. 


Buy a tub of CV/wheel bearing synthetic grease (most people already have this for grease guns, other garage work, etc).  Some places have a CV boot sized package for a buck or two.  

Buy clamps, any auto parts store, amazon, ebay. 

Problem with relying on the kits coming with clamps is there are 14 different kinds of clamps each with it's own tool.  i've even seen the same brand boots come with different clamps.


I wouldnt' worry too much about OEM boots, I prefer them but I wouldn't hurt myself to get them.  OEM boots are much better at making 7-10 years, aftermarkets are not.

This also shows more if you're running them in lifted Subarus where the axle anles are higher.


If you're running them stock or in a really low Subaru - like a Legacy GT, you're less likely to have issues either way. 

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