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1993 Loyale Wagon. SubaWag

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1993 Subaru Loyale. "SubaWag"


I have always been an air cooled Volkswagen owner, so another flat four was in the plan.

I had been looking for an inexpensive Subaru 4wd or awd wagon. I had not researched the model lineup but an idea of what I wanted.


I bought this Subaru 4wd 5 speed last year. It reads 317,000 km on the odometer that would seem to be accurate to a car that has on the most part been cared for.

It was dirty but seemed to have very little rust. It started right up to a very fast, smooth but tickey idle. Check engine light on And charge light glowing. It leaks oil, and needs exhaust work. It drove and shifts well and the 4wd button seems to engage the rear wheels. Just had brake work in the front. Bought for $600.


This is a Subaru Loyale base model delete oil pressure and volt meters. Manual door locks and windows.


Work done.

Camshaft seals and seal retainer o-rings camshaft cover gaskets.

Camshaft belts and tensioners.

Oil pump seal and o-rings.

Front left transmission drive flange seal.

Water pump, bypass hose and v belts

Alternator rebuilt.


Purge valve.

Heater blower motor resister pack.

Sorted out the door locks.

New winter tires.


What a great car. Easy to load full of stuff, it can take 6 trash bins standing up!

It drives well, and good on fuel.


It still has a very fast idle when cold often over 2000rpm.When fully warmed up it is under 1000rpm. It seems to be temperature related. Or maybe there is some kind of idle speed stabilizer at fault.

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I was able to find some Peugeot 14" wheels with LT195/75R14 BFG All-Terrain T/A Tires. I think they look really good but the tires rub on the front mud flaps and possibly body.

The car has factory suspension and ride height.

Will some smaller 185/70R14 tires fit without rubbing the body? Does anyone use this tire size and wheel combination ?

I have a ball style wheel nuts to mount the wheels to the Subaru.

Thank you.





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