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My 1999 Forester wipers are way slower than my '98 Legacy Outback wipers. Do the motors slow down when they get near worn out? And I do have new linkage now. No effect. Same ok speed, they are really not fast enough for heavy rain. (good thing I use Rain-X!) I just don't want to buy another motor and have the same slow speed.


Thanks in advance!  Michael

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An 18 year old wiper motor will have 18 year old grease in its gear box. Maybe it needs to be taken apart and relubed.


If it were my car I wouldn't hesitate a second to yank it out, tear it apart and regrease its innerds. I'd take the motor apart as well and clean its armature and brushes and bearings/bushings. That could correct your issue. I've done this with power antnna motors, door lock motors, blower motors, power seat and window motors for years with good results. The last one was a convertible top motor on a Z4 convertible. Simply stuck brushes. Then again it may be that the motor isn't receiving enough juice.


Pull the connector to the motor and put an ohm meter across its leads and turn on the wiper switch. If you don't get a strong 12 volts at the highest wiper speed, you have either a corroded harness, connectors or ground.


One simple way to find out, is to power 12 volts directly to the connector at the motor. If it fires up at top speed, then the motor isn't the issue, but somewhere in the wiring is. Good Luck!

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Check the voltage getting to the motor and check the ground for it like gbhrps said.

Should be the same motor as what the legacy has (though they may have changed the shape slightly, so im not sure they will swap) so if it's getting full voltage it should be just as fast.

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