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Fitting wrx brakes to brumby/brat

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I want to upgrade the brakes on my brumby to wrx brake for two reasons, to get the much better performing brakes, and to change to a more common stud pattern.


I know in Australia we used to have the crossbred kit, but these aren't made anymore so i'm just wondering if globally there are any other kits or if someone has a simple solution.



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I know there are a few guys here that have done it, though I don't recall who. It involves using the front WRX struts, knuckles and a different master cylinder. That's about as much as I remember. I do recall quite a bit of modding to get the fronts and rears in, including building hybrid axles using the EA81 axles and I think EJ outter DOJ's. Hopefully someone will chime in with the winning combo.

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You can modify ej rear backing plates to bolt to the ea trailing arm. Pictures of that can be found online, very similar to the crossbred kit but it's diy. This allows you to use virtually any ej era rear brake setup. Along with the rear parking brake system using impreza cables and handle.


For the front, I am running outer cv's from a company called Febest, they seem to be well made and I've had no issues with clicking or other issues commonly found with aftermarket axles. They've been in service for about 6 months now so time will tell. The outer joints are for an early legacy, with the 22 spline axle shaft which happened to fit my ea81 axles perfectly. I can dig up the link to them if you need me to, but they weren't terribly hard to find. They also sell the inner joint that can be used for the 25 spline ea82t or ej transmission if you go that route down the road.


I'm running one knuckle from a 92 legacy turbo, and another from a 99 2.5rs impreza. With kyb shocks made for the 93-01 impreza, coilover sleeves with 250 lb/in springs and modified ea81 top mounts. I'm looking for a better solution for the top mounts because there is no bearing in them like there is on the ea82 and ej top mounts. You'll also need to ream the control arm for the ej ball joint. The stock ea taper is 7° and the ej taper is 10°, reamers can be purchased online or this can be done by a machinist.


Currently running 04 wrx 2 piston front brakes, and standard single piston legacy rears. The pedal feel is much better than stock, even with my stock master cylinder and booster. Once winter has passed I will be swapping to an impreza single diaphragm booster and 2 port master, my car is 3at so no 3 port hill holder master to deal with.


If you have any other questions, or if I missed anything feel free to ask. Any pics of stuff actually installed will be delayed because the car is in storage for the winter season away from my home.

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I think I still have a pair of hubs unallocated - PM me if interested. I have had a delay in the stud sizes machined were to the old drawing (XT6) so I was delayed while Rockauto bought in 100 new studs from Dormer. These are now in stock and will be heading across the Pacific in a few days.


I can also help with WRX front calipers, as I have 3 sets available (one pair painted red, one planned to be silver and one unpainted at this stage).


In my experience you will need to upgrade the master cylinder to an EJ unit to get decent pedal feel - YMMV.

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