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Hello everyone, I am new to Subaru. Recently I changed the low beam bulb for a more powerful H7 and what happened is that the low beams do not illuminate the road; they seem to be going to the sides. The right hand side to the right and the left hand side to the left and not very far, so the center of the road is not lit up, I took it to the Subaru dealer with no change in the light pattern.


I would appreciate your comments as to what is happening and how to solve the problem.




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Is the "more powerful" bulb still a halogen/stock style (HID if it came with HID) or did you upgrade the style as well (like to LEDs)


If you upgraded the style, there is a possibility that that style doesn't shine correctly in the lens and therefore isn't reflecting to the road properly.


Another possibility is that the bulb isn't installed correctly and isn't seated properly again, causing the above problem. But is actually an issue due to improper installation.

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