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2015 legacy, 24k 2.5 Premium


Car starts cold without issues


If run to store and restart, takes a few times to start. Cranks but doesn't turn over. Does eventually start.


Recently had main relay recall completed wth-68

Also they completed following update




Since taking in for the previous stated recall and update, I've had the same issues. Rafferty Subaru didn't have issues starting while in their shop.

Anybody have similar issues?

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ask them if they can put some kind of monitoring device on it that will record what's happening during the no start condition.

and of course if you can recreate it for them - that would be ideal.  keep taking notes on a pattern in case it's something repeatable.


any check engine or other lights?


if it does it again - turn the key to ON without starting the car 2 or 4 times.  then try to start.  does that help it start?  

if so that would indicate a fueling issue.

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No check engine light


Once started, runs great, gas mileage is phenomenal at over 40mpg.


I can hear fuel pump activate when turning key and will try to see if priming will eliminate issues.


Thank you for your quick response

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I would guess it's the fuel pressure regulator which is internal to the fuel pump.


This guy hasn't figured it out yet but may be headed int he same direction:



If that's the case - then monitoring the fuel pressure when the issue presents itself is the key. But that's not routinely done on Subarus or easy to do.


If you could post back once you find out the root cause that would be great.

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It's a 15-20 minute drive


Originally it was repeated, but they claimed to fix with main relay recall replacement


Today was in the 50's here, didn't have any issues all day. Not sure if that's a coincidence or the weather is playing a factor.

Previous few days were much colder and yesterday was very rainy


With the car having such low mileage, they were hesitant to check fuel system. They seemed determined it was electrical, hence the ecu flash.


I will keep updated, thanks for input

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Today drove to Ikea, 30 minutes, car sat for 35 minutes while inside. Tried to start and only cranked. Turned key off and restarted immediately.

Weather today is close to 50 and dry which contradicts my wet weather theory.

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Has been at dealership for 2 days


1st diagnosis

Replaced crankshaft sensor


Still continued extended crank when hot


2nd Diagnosis - low fuel pressure

Replaced entire fuel pump


Picking up tonight


Thanks grossgary for your insight

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