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Trying to remove interior hatch cover to get at wiring. Everything on lower edge released BUT, the interior inset handle. Prying the trim down I can see two yellow plastic through clips, or whatever, but nothing will budge.


How do I get that stubborn %#*~# off without tearing the surrounding plastic up? Stuck and stumped.

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Wiring diagram anywhere?


I've got the tailgate all open and there are SIX broken wires in the tubing between the body and tailgate. I'm surprised ANYTHING works.


Not much room so am soldering jumper wires, but I've got three broken black or dark grey wires on the body side, and only two on the hatch?


No kidding Imdew, I just spent 10 days back in Whitefish, MT (doctor consult and ski trip), I forgot how bloody cold it is up there -29 on the summit one day ... Bbbrrrrrrrrr!

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