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Hello from the Columbia Gorge

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Howdy folks!


First off, I must give honor to where it is due--and that is to you! To everyone who posts and comments here, even those who read this forum, I owe you a tremendous thank you! A very special thanks though of course to the posters and picture takers. Know that your many hours of bleeding knuckles and depression suffered amidst puzzling problems are not in vain. Your suffering has made my life easier, so thank you very very much for the work and time you put into these boards and of course your Subaru!


I am a small fry car dealer in beautiful sales-tax-less Oregon. I just like cars in general, not one in particular per-say, nor would I call my self an "enthusiast". I simply like motor vehicles and have always found them fascinating. I suppose you could compare this to a horse lover---they admire the majestic creatures because of their power, presence and of course their usefulness and (sometimes) loyalty. I am not a mechanic but I have all of the tools to be one except for a hydraulic lift and of course that tool I always need when I don't have it. I am a "do-it-yourselfer" at heart. I enjoy the thrill of figuring something out (with help of course) and then fixing it myself.


Anyway, I look forward to seeing you all on the boards  . . .  this time with an account to be able to praise you and stump you with my car's woes.

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