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I have a 1987 GL 4-door wagon with push button 4WD.  It has a 3-speed auto trans, A/C, Carb, 1.8L, all power options.  When searching for transmissions at car-part dot com, I see FWD or AWD.  Under descriptions provided by the wrecking yard, I see 2WD, 4WD, FWD, and AWD.


I know that 1987 had both 4WD and AWD, carburetor and fuel injection.


1) Was there such a thing as a FWD (no 4WD button) during 1985 - 87?


2) Which transmission do I need?


3) Does anyone have a good used one with torque converter for sale that will ship, preferably in the pacific northwest?





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Sorry, I wasn't clear in my post:


Does FWD mean 4 x 2?  Or does it mean FWD under normal operation with 4WD button available?


Was there a 4 x 2 FWD offered in 1985 - 87?


What transmission do I ask for?  I know it's not AWD.  No one lists a 4WD transmission.  is a FWD transmission 4 x 2, or normally FWD with a 4WD actuator?


Now I'm more confused . . . . . my question simplified is which transmission do I specify in order to get the correct one . . . .

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You have a PT 4wd system. AWD was on the RX and is a FT 4wd.


Yes, there was a 2wd version available (DL only?).


No,a FWD version doesn't have PT 4wd.


There is also a later 4 speed auto (4wd) but I don't know if it will clear your transmission tunnel.


You also need to ensure the box is the same ratio as your diff - either 3.7:1 or 3.9:1. You can check what you have by looking at the back of the diff, there will be a small silver sticker showing the ratio.

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