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EA82 HVAC Blower Works Only on Speed 3?

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I bought a replacement from Oreily with a lifetime warranty for $40.


I was able to partially repair the broken one by cutting and resoldering the broken coils but ultimately the new one ended up being a better deal.


I also thought about cannabalizing a resistor pack on to the damaged one with a part from the junkyard from a more reliable set of resistor coils or some cheap aftermarket coils but again the $40 part with lifetime warranty was too good a deal. 


It is nice to have the multiple speeds particularly for the defroster. The coil pack is on the passenger side below the glove box and has three (?) screws. Pretty easy to change but I did have to get in a weird position on the seat to get at it. Pretty easy to get out and at least inspect and check the coils for resistance.

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