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Mid mount Brat racer

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Well progress has been slow with covid, luck i'm in NZ

anyway check this out

Brumby bonnet with gt legacy reversed scoop.

Just had the cage done. Tim at octane automotive here in Palmerston North.

A piece of art

Just working on placing of fuse box, starter panel and stuff like that.

Picked up some rims off a stolen wrx. judging by the flat spots and spikes in the tyres a police chase.

Anyway hope you enjoy





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Looking good mate! 

Cant wait to hear your report after a test blart on an open track! 



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More stuff done

rear polycarb windows done with supports inside and out.

wiring done, just needs finial mounting.

boost gauge, rev counter and shift light, oil pressure  gauge, volt meter, temp gauge and electric water

pump all set up and going.

centre console started (rear done ) got the carb for free, it was off cuts a business was throwing out. score

3 plus months working as courier slowed things down ( 70 plus hours a week ) back to postie work now.

so getting closer. allot of little thing to finish off. like changing nut to lock nuts and stuff like that.


BK window 1.JPG

BK windo 2.JPG

gauge set.JPG

console 2.JPG

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And more update

Decided to get the brake lights sorted

With the old brumby sitting in the paddock for years the bulb fittings had rusted up.

So a new setup was needed. a bit of a look at what stuff i had lying around come up with this.

1 drill out old socket

2 make hole bigger

3 wire up new fittings and add plugs

4 glue in fittings

And very surprised how well the Ryobi 18 volt soldering iron went. warmed up in seconds.

no waiting around for the plug in iron to warm up.

just need to hook earth and power to test

Light 1.JPG

light 2.JPG

light 3.JPG

light 4.JPG


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