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1985 Subaru GL rack and pinion question

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Hey, i recently bought a rack and pinion complete kit off of rock auto for my 1985 Subaru GL Wagon. It is a manual steering unit. I'm pretty sure its the wrong part since even with my tie rod ends screwed all the way out they wont reach my wheel hub... Thought everything else seemed fine. After actually READING what i bought it said its for a hatchback... Doh!  :banghead:  What is odd is that it says it should fit. Are the tie rod's a different length from the hatchback to the wagon? Can i just buy the correct length tie rods and swap them? I've been looking but haven't found anyone stupid enough to have this issue before...  :wacko:


This is what i bought... http://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=30875&cc=2000001&jsn=353&jsn=353

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EA81 rack has a female threaded boss that the inner tired threads into.


EA82 rack is opposite.  Male stub that the Tierods thread onto.


you could cut a bolt down, thread it into the EA81 rack to create a "stub" for the EA82 tiers to thread into.  Still not sure you'll end up with correct angles though.


It is important that the rack itself end to end is the same width as the width between control arm pivots.  If not you will get incorrect toe in during turning.

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i recently converted my 86 GL to power steering from a 91 legacy.i have the old standard rack laying around. you can have it for free if you want.you will need to use your tie rod end cuz i took those.pay for ship and its yours.needs the boots.they are junk but it steered fine

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