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My 98 OBW (2.5 DOHC) has difficulty starting (several seconds cranking) in the morning. It only happens when the engine is cold. After it starts the engine idles high (~1500 now; ~2000rpm in winter) for the first couple of blocks (1-2 min). After that all seems to be fine. No check engine light ever.

Reading on this board, coolant temp sensors are often suspect on these cars (with this type of problem). Dealer can only check when I drop of the car the day before so I wanted to check the sensor myself. I have the OBW service manual (pdf) but for the life of me, I can not find the thing. According to the manual it should look like the average temp sensor screwed into the block somewhere on the left (when facing the engine).

1] Can anybody show me a photograph or tell me which lines to follow in order to get to the thing ?

2] Can anybody tell me what the readings (resistance in Ohms, when disconnected, or voltagedrop across the terminals when connected) should be when cold, and what they should be when engine is warm ?

3] Any other suggestions for the sort of symptoms ?

It is not critical, but I like to keep up with it.

4] Finally, anybody have any good suggestions on OBD2 software for laptop or handheld ?


Thanks a lot.



98 OBW (75K)

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Thanks. I finally found it (bolted inside the block would be the only place more difficult) and measured in the car both hot and cold and the readings are perfectly fine (2.3k @ cold, ~300 ohm when warmed up).


Still have the problem. Have to start long (5sec) when cold, after it starts it idles high for a couple of minutes/blocks after that all is fine. Any ideas other than leave it alone ?






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