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95 Legacy No spark after head gasket replacement, Help!?

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Hello all,

we recently went through our 95 Subaru legacy 2.2L, redid the head gaskets and replaced several other seals, got it all put back together and now we have no spark. we checked the coil pack, Crank sensor, Ignitor, Fuses, Cam sensor, Timing (4 times..), and still nothing. but we dont have a code reader and would like to check the ECM, before going all the way through the wiring. any help would be greatly appreciated, we are at our wits end here.


Thanks in advance!

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Well, many thanks to all of you! We finally discovered what we did wrong... This is going to sound funny I hope, as I am still laughing at myself for it. We installed the Cam pullys wrong. The right one is on Drivers side.... I can chalk it up to a loooong day... we read on this site that the number 1 thing was that we did something in the wrong order or put something in the wrong spot....  we of course only realized our mistake after going through ALL the wiring, but hey. I really appreciate this site and all of your help. we will be swapping the Pully's to the right position tomorrow morning. Thanks again!

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